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Domestic Relations & Family Matters

At the Law Office of Susan J. Ralston, we focus on your future. We will take the time to sort through all of the complexities of your family law situation in order to put you and your family on the proper footing for moving forward. This is your opportunity to build a new future. Contact us today!

Roseville/Rocklin Divorce Lawyer

Resolving Your Family Issues to Build a Better Future

If your marriage is struggling or your relationship with your children is threatened, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by your situation. You may have questions about your options moving forward. You may be worried about protecting your relationship with your kids. Perhaps you are concerned about the financial aspects of divorce, or more importantly, your life after it.

With all of these concerns, you may need help in moving forward.

We are here to guide you through these challenges and help you build a new future.

Why Work With Us?

We help families from Placer County, Sacramento County, and the surrounding areas of California to navigate sensitive legal family problems such as divorce, child custody, child support, domestic violence, guardianships, conservatorships, paternity and other problems.

When you work with our firm you can expect:

  • High-quality representation tailored to meet your needs. Every family is unique. We employ the strategies that will help you have a secure future so you and your children can move forward with the least disruption.
  • Professional, calm and collaborative techniques to reach a settlement. Unnecessary litigation is a waste of time and money — and, your future. In many cases the high financial and emotional costs of preparing for trial outweigh the potential benefit. Many cases can be settled by applying successful negotiation and mediation skills. Our goal is to help you resolve the problem as efficiently as possible saving money and avoiding stress.
  • Aggressive, skilled and innovative representation to protect your rights. Some cases involve hotly contested custody or complex property cases. Attorney Susan J. Ralston is an experienced litigator who frequently handles difficult family matters. She will zealously protect your parental rights and safeguard your financial future and income.
  • Teamwork and flexibility. Our experienced legal team has worked together for several years. We will accommodate your special needs to meet at the office, at home, during lunch, after hours or on the weekend if necessary.
  • Compassion for you and support in your success. Our entire office is trained to understand and help you during this emotional time. As our client, you would be offered referrals to any outside services that would help you with this transition, including therapy, financial and tax advice, physical and mental health support resources, drug/alcohol evaluation, vocational evaluation, new education/training and even estate planning. We want you to have a successful future.

We Can Help You Move Forward — Contact Our Family Law Attorney Today

Let us help you determine the best path for moving forward. Contact us by calling 916-782-4747 today to schedule a consultation with our Rocklin divorce lawyer. All fees and payment arrangements will be discussed candidly with you before we take action. Our firm accepts all major credit cards.


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