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Child Custody

Protecting Your Parental Rights and Your Children's Best Interests

Protecting your relationship with your children is the most important concern when going through divorce or separation. The Law Office of Susan J. Ralston, in Rocklin, California, has years of experience and knowledge in all areas of custody and parenting rights. We use our keen understanding of the law and of what the judges and child custody counselors expect in order to seek child-centered solutions that protect your children's rights to have a relationship with you. Our goal is to keep your children's lives as normal as possible after a divorce and moving forward.

At the end of the day, our goal is to ensure you have a solid framework for maintaining meaningful relationships with your children.

Understanding Child Custody in California

The court generally prefers that both parents have continuing and frequent parenting time. This promotes the best interests of your children. For this reason, the court requires all parents in California going through divorce who cannot agree to a parenting plan to attend mediation to resolve parenting-time issues.

Mediation can be a worrisome experience because the child custody recommending counselor (CCRC) may make a recommendation that the court ultimately adopts. You want to be prepared to explain your position.

Attorney Susan J. Ralston understands how to prepare you for that. She will help you prepare the documentation and coach you through the process. Preparing for your child custody mediation is the most important part of your divorce. Our law office also assists in mediating divorces and helps parents in:

  • Arranging equitable parenting schedules, including plans for holidays and vacations
  • Sharing joint legal and joint custody and decision-making
  • Making other joint custody child-related decisions

What if Mediation Doesn't Work?

Not all custody situations can be resolved through mediation, especially in complex high-conflict cases or cases involving allegations of domestic violence or California Child Protection services. In that case, a child custody evaluation may be necessary. Attorney Ralston prepares you for this detailed process which includes an investigation, numerous interviews and possibly psychological evaluations. You will feel safer and protected when attorney Ralston explains how a child custody matter is affected by this approach. She has taken high-conflict cases to trial frequently and is fully prepared to protect your children's needs for safety and continuity.

Modifying Existing Custody Agreements

Our firm helps married as well as unmarried parents obtain and modify orders. Rules for unmarried parents are governed by the Uniform Parents Act, which assures that single parents have rights. We also help you to obtain move-away or relocation orders if you need to move-away with your children. There are specific legal requirements that must be met to modify your custody orders.

Contact Our Child Visitation Agreement Lawyer Serving the Sacramento Metro Area

To discuss your child custody concerns with our experienced Roseville/Rocklin child custody attorney, contact us by calling 916-782-4747 to schedule a consultation. We can provide home visits as well as evening and weekend appointments upon request.


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