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Grandparents' Rights

We Understand That Family Disputes Affect Other Family Members Too

Your relationship with your grandchildren is a precious gift. And while the impact of a child's separation from divorcing parents is widely talked about, not many people consider the effect on children of losing a stable relationship with a grandparent.

At the Law Office of Susan J. Ralston, however, we care about preserving and protecting grandparents' rights in difficult family law situations. From our office in Rocklin, California, we support dedicated grandparents in Roseville, Lincoln and throughout Placer County and the Sacramento metro area. Grandparents today are assuming more and more of a parenting role. They take the place of child-care providers and often have as much contact as the parents do with the child.

Our law office will help you keep in contact with your grandchildren, especially where your biological adult child may be deceased.

Establishing Grandparent Visitation Agreements in the Sacramento Metro Area

While biological parents generally control contact between grandparents and children, the children's best interest must be considered. There are legal strategies to improve your contact with your grandchild that can help you prove this continued contact is in the child's best interest.

We have helped many grandparents to have ongoing visitation and contact with their grandchildren. When you work with our firm, attorney Susan J. Ralston will explore all your options for establishing grandchild visitation. This may include consulting with family therapists and other qualified experts to establish how important your bond is to the child for stability. As your advocate, Ms. Ralston will seek positive solutions that protect important family relationships and promote the best interests of your grandchildren.

Grandparents may also be asked to participate in a child custody evaluation between two divorcing parents. If so, Ms. Ralston can help you understand your role in this process and provide advice on what to expect so you can be fully prepared.

Grandparent Guardianships

Our firm also assists grandparents wishing to become the legal guardian for their grandchildren. Guardianship is often arranged by parents, but grandparents can establish a guardianship in the event that parents have become incapacitated or they have been found unfit by the court. We can guide you through the process of establishing guardianship so that your grandchildren are not placed in foster care.

We Are Here to Help You

At the Law Office of Susan J. Ralston, we focus on the end result and work toward that goal. To discuss your grandparents' rights or your options as a grandparent guardian, contact our firm by calling 916-782-4747 to schedule a consultation with our lawyer today.


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