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Prepare For California Child Custody Mediation

Effective Preparation Can Pave the Way for Positive Resolutions

One of the California Family Court's top priorities in any divorce or parental separation is to protect the best interests of the children. At the Law Office of Susan J. Ralston, we know that most parents share that goal. Our Rocklin family lawyer helps parents prepare for California child custody mediation and the child custody evaluation process. We seek to promote child-centered resolutions that protect your family's relationships going forward.

Preparing You for the Process: Mediation and Child Custody Evaluations

All families with custody disputes in California must first see a mediator or child custody recommending counselor (CCRC) assigned by the judge. This process is called "mediation," and it helps parents develop a mutually acceptable parenting plan without going to court.

If parents still cannot agree to a parenting plan, the court may appoint an independent evaluator to analyze your family's situation and make recommendations about how best to protect your children's best interests. There are two types of evaluations — Family Code 3110 Evaluations and 730 Evaluations. The evaluator will conduct an in-depth investigation by:

  • Interviewing parents, stepparents, relatives, teachers, coaches, therapists or other adults who may have an active role in your children's lives. Grandparents are also contacted if necessary.
  • Preparing social history assessments or psychological evaluations of parents and children
  • Preparing a child custody recommendation for the court

We Help You Prepare for Success

This custody evaluation preparation is often the deciding factor in your child custody matter. Our attorney will help you prepare for this event by coaching you through the process by:

  • Providing samples of custody questions and recommendations
  • Preparing you for the interviews and testing
  • Helping you gather and present your documentation to the evaluator
  • Preparing your for court

You will not be blindsided or caught off guard; instead you will feel confident and prepared.

Helping Your Family Move Forward

From our office in Rocklin, we represent families in Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln and throughout Placer County as well as the Sacramento metro area. Contact our firm at 916-782-4747 to discuss your child custody concerns and see how we can help you prepare for a brighter future.


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