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Child Support

Like most states, the California Family Court determines child support using a set of statutory guidelines. At the Law Office of Susan J. Ralston, we represent mothers and fathers in Rocklin, Roseville and elsewhere in Placer County and the Sacramento metro area dealing with child support issues. By helping you understand the guidelines, we seek to help you properly plan for the child support obligations in your case.

Understanding California Child Support Guidelines

The California child support guidelines outline several factors for calculating child support, including:

  • The monthly net income of each parent
  • The amount of time children will spend with each parent according to an established parenting plan
  • Which parent will cover the costs of health insurance for the children

Attorney Susan J. Ralston can review these factors in light of your family's financial situation and help you understand what to expect. She can also assist you in gathering the necessary proof of income and properly filling out an Income and Expense Declaration required by the court.

Child Support for Unmarried Parents

Unlike the laws for married parents going through divorce, single moms or dads need to file a paternity action in order to obtain child support. Paternity actions provide unmarried parents with the same legal rights as married parents, including the right to receive child support and the right to parenting time.

Whether you are a single dad or mom seeking child support or equitable parenting time, we can help you file a paternity action to establish and protect your parental rights.

Serving the Sacramento Metro Area: Attorney for Child Support Modification and Enforcement

If you lose your job or negotiate a significant change in your parenting plan, you may be able to seek child support modification. We will review your options and provide honest counsel on what you can do given your unique circumstances.


If your former partner has not been paying child support, you may file an action for child support enforcement. Because child support payments are administered through your local child support agency (LCSA), we can assist you in working with the agency to obtain the payments you need to provide for your children.

Discuss Your Child Support Concerns With an Experienced Professional

Our firm provides experienced counsel and dedicated support for parents confronted with various child support issues. To discuss your issues with our Roseville/Rocklin child support lawyer, please contact us at 916-782-4747 today to schedule a consultation.


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